3rd defense line

External-internal controls (most recent auditing methods and techniques, relationship with external auditors, co-operation with top-management, Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, AC                                                                                                                                                                     

1. Deficiencies in operating controls  - based on the examples of regulatory audits

Árpád VARGA (National Tax and Customs Control): NAV control activities
Sándor BŐCZ dr. (Government Control Office)

2. Role of Internal Audit in the energy sector

Stanko TOKIĆ (Croatia): Internal Audit and energetic
Éva SOLTÉSZ (MOL Group): Expectations from Internal Audit

3. Co-operation with consultants

Rudi HEX (Belgium, KBC Group Audit - Program Manager): Assurance role of Internal Audit
Zoltán BÁRDY, Gábor ERDÉLYI (PWC): Structures of exchanges between internal audit and external auditors, top-management, audit committee, supervisory board

5. Best practices

Éva ALMÁDI and Attila TÓTH (HungarianTelekom)
Péter Barnabás TÓTH (Expert): Data leakage, information security - successful solutions