1st defense line

Operational management, internal controls (managerial controls, built-in controls, procurement, accounting, control monitoring)  

1. Internal controls in operational level

Zoltán WERLE - Sándor PAP (Hungarian Railways): Operations in internal control  on operational management level
Andrea TORZSA (Hungarian Highways): Building in approval points into the procurement process of a state owned company

2. Management support systems

János IVANYOS (Trusted.hu): Governance Capability - The Managers' View on Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control
Dénes DOSZPOD (Management consultant): Management ethics

3. Role of management in internal control system

Blumné Erika BÁN – Csaba ILYÉS (BBS): Innovation of controlling system and its effect on internal audit
dr. János BENKŐ (State Audit Office): Integrity-project

4. Control self-assessment

Dániel TAKÁCS (Citibank): Self-assesment and leader’s controlling
Silvia MARUSINCOVA (IIA Slovakia): Self assessment methodology